What are attendance hours?

Attendance hours are collected by attending various ESO sessions, workshops and wetlabs

Why collect attendance hours ?

Attendance hours are used to determine your eligibility for collecting your CME hours; “Please note that the collected hours are not the CME hours”

How do I log my attendance hours ?

  1.  On the front of your name tag you will find a barcode
  2. At the entrance and exit of any lecture’s halls you will find one of our team members with a barcode scanner

    ** Make sure to scan your barcode at your entry and exit every time.
    ** Double check-in is not allowed.
    ** Failure to follow instructions means that these hours spent attending the sessions will not be collected towards your total attendance.

How to track your attendance hours?

You can track your hours by using your registration ID

“You can find it on your name tag”

Please enter your registration ID…..