FreePaper 2

Free Paper 2: Pediatric Ophthalmology


Laila Ababneh, UAE


Ashwaq Bin Amro, UAE

Ihab El Bably, UAE

Session Details

18:30 – 18:35

Efficacy Evaluation of Intravitreal Bevacizumab Treatment in Different Types of Retinopathy of Prematurity: A Single-Center Study

Ahmad Kunbaz, Syria

18:35 – 18:40

Inferior oblique half-muscle anterior transposition

Samer Hajjo, UAE

18:40 – 18:45

Towards successful penalization

Samer Hajjo, UAE

18:45 – 18:50

Updating our knowledge regarding ocular movement physiology

Samer Hajjo, UAE

18:50 – 18:55

Tropicamide Versus Cyclopentolate Objective Refraction in Pediatric Patients with Brown Irides: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Wejdan Al-Thawabieh, Jordan

18:55 – 19:00