Ophthalmology Storyteller

Ophthalmology Storyteller “Part 1 – Oral Abstracts”


Sofiene Kallel, France


Hessa Alrabiah, Kuwait

Mahnaz Shah, Pakistan

Ramy Riad, Egypt

Session Details

19:00 – 19:05

Comparative Analysis of Long-Term Clinical Outcomes: Primary vs. Secondary Scleral Fixation of Intraocular Lens Using Yamane Technique Following Complex Phacoemulsification Surgeries

Ahmad Kunbaz, Syria

19:05 – 19:10

Phaco in small nanophthalmic eyes, Navigating complex cases with optimal results

Nancy Alraqqad, Jordan

19:10 – 19:15

Safety and efficacy of eye drops from umbilical cord blood platelet lysate to treat resistant corneal ulcer

Rania Kamal, Egypt

19:15 – 19:20

MITCX: Minimal invasive topography-guided photorefractive keratectomy with custom cross-linking

Wassim Altroudi, UAE

19:20 – 19:25

Assessment of Macular & Peripapillary microvasculature using Optical Coherence Tomography-Angiography in Primary Open- Angle Glaucoma patients

Omar Mohamed Hussein Sharaf, Egypt

19:25 – 19:30